After Procedure

Post Veneer Care

Prior to your permanent veneers being placed, you will have a temporary restoration. This isn’t as durable as the permanent version, so take caution when eating or brushing your teeth. Brushing too aggressively could dislodge the temporary restoration. Also, avoid any sticky or chew foods while the temporary restoration is in.

After the temporary restoration or permanent veneers are put in, you may experience some irritation and sensitivity. Once your soft tissue heals, the pain should lessen. Taking Tylenol or Advil, as well as rinsing with warm salt water my help reduce the pain.

Once your veneer is put in, your mouth may feel unpleasant. Over the next few days your mouth will adjust and eventually it will feel like one of your natural teeth. If you feel as though your bite feels misaligned for any reason, contact your dentist. You should care for your veneers just as you do with your normal teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Make sure to pay attention to the space between the veneer and the tooth at the gum line when brushing or flossing.

It’s important that you avoid brushing hard or consuming food or drink with strong dyes such as blueberries, chili, red sauces, red wine, while your temporaries are in.

Post Veneer Care

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