Effortless, New Smile

Snap-on-smile is a wonderful product that can be used for those who don’t want to go through extensive dental work. It functions exactly as you think it would. New “teeth” are made that are then placed on top of your existing teeth by snapping them in to place. In just two simple pain free visits to our office, a charming new smile can be yours



Snap-on-smile can be used for patients with missing, chipped, crooked, cracked or stained teeth. When you come in for your initial visit, you can pick the style of your smile, as well as the shade of the teeth. An impression of your current teeth will be made to ensure that the Snap-on-smile will fit properly. The Snap-on-smile is then created using a lightweight, long lasting resin that will create a durable set of snap on teeth. Three short weeks later you will come in for your next visit where you will receive your new set. The Snap-on-smile will fit over your current teeth and you’ll have a brand new smile! There will be no need for extractions, drilling or whitening with Snap-on-smile. The entire process is fast, effortless and pain free.


Easily Maintain

Everyone will be astonished with your new smile. Eating and drinking with your Snap-on-smile will be easy and caring for it is too. During your final visit, we will give you a cleaning solution to care for your Snap-on-smile. They can easily be removed when you play sports, before you go to bed and to clean and maintain your natural teeth. Your Snap-on-smile should last between three to five years with proper care.


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