The main goal of teeth cleaning in Stratford is to boost your overall dental health. These visits are a great opportunity to have a professional checkup and to improve your smile. Our staff is more than experienced enough to provide you with exceptional cleanings and general dental care.

Unlike specialized dentists, general dentists are trained to handle a wide variety of dental problems. They are highly trained and have extensive education in general dentistry. The most important part of oral health is keeping up with regular cleanings and examinations.

Our teeth cleaning in Stratford is perfect for smiles that have yellowed or been stained with years of eating and drinking. Teeth cleaning is frequently performed at your average dental checkup, however for the next step, you’ll want to explore teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is a direct upgrade visually compared to teeth cleaning. Whitening is one of the many cosmetic dental procedures we offer, which are all designed to improve your teeth’s appearance. However, teeth cleaning is more of a general dental procedure.

General dentists can perform a root canal if your teeth have become infected and are causing pain. A root canal is a procedure where the affected tooth pulp is cleaned and removed. Most patients report pain during the procedure, but this is the result of the infection, not the treatment itself. A root canal is a good option when you have severe dental problems and need more extensive treatment.

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, affects adults and children alike. This is a preventable problem, and routine dental care helps prevent cavities by taking care of plaque buildup in your teeth. The dentist will also monitor the health of your teeth when you come in for visits to offer any potential help.

General dental care can be difficult to find. It can be confusing to know which type of dentist to see. The key is to be comfortable with your dentist. It’s important to remember that general dentistry includes more than just cleaning your teeth. The dentist also provides oral surgery and can offer other services, including orthodontics.

General dental care includes both the prevention and treatment of dental problems. Regular checkups will prevent cavities and prevent tooth decay, and they will save you from suffering from gum disease and toothache. Your dentist in Stratford should always look out for your best interests.

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