If you have a major dental problem, you should immediately call an emergency dentist in Stratford and discuss your situation. An emergency dental care provider can help you determine whether you need immediate treatment or if you should wait for your next appointment. They can also help you decide what your next steps are.

If you or a loved one has experienced an accident which has damaged or removed a tooth, be sure to call us immediately. Our staff is available to provide exceptional dental care for those that have cracked, chipped, or knocked out a tooth.

What you might think is a small inconvenience could grow into a major dental issue. A chipped tooth might not seem like a big deal, but if the chip is big enough to cause nerve damage, you could be in pain for a while if you don’t find treatment soon. We would rather you come in for a false alarm than ignore a painful dental accident.

If you’ve broken a tooth, it’s essential to visit an emergency dentist in Stratford as soon as possible. A dental abscess can be difficult to treat, but a skilled emergency dentist can make it easier by using antibiotics and other treatments.

If you happen to have a knocked out tooth, preserving it is the first important step. Maintaining it in a glass of cold milk can keep it in good shape for a dentist to potentially put it back in place. This is all around timing, so if you don’t see an emergency dentist fast enough, you could miss your optimal window.

If you don’t have milk on hand, warm water is another potential substitute. The real time issue is finding an emergency appointment with your dentist. Not every dental center has 24/7 emergency care, which is why trusting our clinic is in your best interest.

An emergency dentist is the best option if you’re suffering from a dental problem that requires immediate treatment. Whether you need an extraction or an infection, an emergency dentist will help you through the pain and get you back on your way.

For more information on our emergency dentist in Stratford CT, visit the rest of our website or call our office at 203-378-2760. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our dental services. We look forward to scheduling an appointment for you soon!