A preventative dental checkup from a Stratford CT dentist can detect problems before they become a serious problem. A good dentist will always want to prevent issues from arising rather than treat them. That’s not to say we won’t do an amazing job in helping you deal with a dental problem, we’d just rather our patients not go through the pain of something they could have easily prevented. 

Expertise from a Preventative Stratford CT Dentist

Regular checkups

It’s important to visit the dentist at least twice a year for a regular dental checkup. This will allow your dentist to detect problems early and prevent them from becoming severe. A dental checkup will also allow your dentist to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. Getting a cleaning is also an important part of preventative dental care, and your dentist should offer fluoride treatments, if necessary.

Your Stratford CT dentist will perform a thorough checkup and ask about your overall health and any recent changes. They can then formulate a plan to treat any problems early. It’s important to have a regular dental checkup because it’s easy to overlook some parts of your mouth, even if you are a diligent brush and flosser.


Flossing as part of your preventative dental care routine is important because it removes plaque and other debris from the spaces between your teeth. This buildup can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Regular flossing is an important part of your dental care routine, so make sure you do it every day.

Flossing is a good preventative measure because it can help you avoid the onset of gum disease, which is an infection of the gums and can lead to tooth loss. It can also make your teeth appear more even and give you more confidence. Flossing is also important because it helps clean the soft tissue around the teeth, which helps keep your mouth healthy.

Avoiding acidic foods

The acid in certain foods can cause erosion of the teeth, so limiting your intake is important. Moreover, you should try to eat these foods as part of a larger meal in order to reduce acid contact with your teeth and neutralize its effects. Another great tip is to rinse your mouth with water after eating acidic foods. If you are not able to drink water, you should chew sugar-free gum to help stimulate saliva production.

Moreover, avoiding acidic foods can also help prevent tooth decay. However, if you are unable to avoid acidic foods, it is important to brush your teeth after eating. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating an acidic meal is detrimental to the health of your teeth, so you should wait about 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. In addition, flossing helps remove bacteria, as it stimulates saliva production.

At the end of the day, regular dental checkups can make a massive impact on your overall dental health. For more information on what our Stratford CT dentist can do for you, visit the rest of our website, or give us a call at 203-378-2760