Barnum Dental provides the highest quality dental care in Stratford CT. Your dentist in Stratford makes your oral health a priority, and our dentists can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Visiting our Stratford family dental office for a cleaning annually is highly recommended. Dr. Effrain Soccarass is experienced in dental implants, fillings, crown lengthening, root canals and more services.

Our dental team wants to ensure that your smile looks and feels as beautiful as ever. Barnum dental is the right choice for you if you need cosmetic or restorative services. Our office also provides fluoride treatments and cleanings.

Our team will not only provide you with the highest quality dental care but also make you feel safe and comfortable. Our office is clean and COVID safe. All of our staff wear masks and sanitize each and every area.

Here at Barnum Dental, our patient’s needs come first. Any questions or accommodations for your visit can be easily met by our staff. If you have any safety concerns at all, our staff will do everything in their power to make your experience worthwhile.

Dr. Effrain Soccratis can also straighten your smile. Our Stratford family dental office offers many alternatives to straightening out your teeth. If you call our office, the Barnum Dental staff will efficiently help you make your next appointment.

Your first visit will involve a digital x-ray of your mouth so Dr. Effrain can get an exact look. Digital X-ray technology is very acute. This technology is helpful in showing the Barnum dental team where the pain is or what is generally going on with your smile.

The digital x-ray can show an accurate picture of your teeth and structures around it. This will help Dr. Effrain see if there are other issues with structures surrounding the oral region.

Our staff are friendly, caring and highly experienced in each and every task they are given. We can help you get most of your dental benefits through insurance. We try to work with all of our patients to create a convenient payment plan that fits their individual needs.

If you make an appointment that you need to cancel, we will need a 24 hour notice beforehand. In addition to helping adult patients, Dr. Effrain also specializes in pediatric dentistry. From mouthguards to simple cleanings.

The possibilities at our office are endless. Our patients always leave our office with a smile and assurance. Barnum Dental strives to prioritize each and everyone of our patients medical needs.

Dr. Effrain is also highly experienced in endodontics. Endodontics involves the nerves of the mouth. Our Stratford family dental team can handle any challenge that comes our way. Barnum dental is here to help you and cater to your needs.

To book an appointment, please call 203-378-2760 or visit our website.