At a local Stratford dental center, our experts at Barnum Dental have successfully brought top tier services to all of their patients day in and day out. One of our most common services happens to be teeth whitening. This is a service that continues to grow in popularity, especially in teens and young adults. In your first visit with us, we will run through a consultation so that our experts can understand what your situation is. From there, we will establish what needs to be done in your mouth. Our dentists will offer you their teeth whitening services if your teeth are showing signs of fading and decay. 

Cosmetic Dental Services in CT

We will start by making an impression of your smile. This impression will allow us to make a full whitening tray so that you can whiten your teeth as much as you wish. Once the trays come into our office, you will cover them in the whitening gel and make sure to wear it for certain periods of time throughout the day. Following your treatments, you will notice a full whitening of your smile by 4-8 shades. Our teeth whitening services will help you finally bring your smile to what you always aspire it to be. At our Stratford Dental Center, you are able to improve the overall look of your smile for any occasion. 

Now, what other cosmetic services do we offer at our premier dental facility? We also offer something called a “snap-on smile.” This service is exactly how it sounds. It involves our dentists taking an impression of your smile along with the shade and style you want. We will then order a set of new teeth for you that look exactly like however you want it. This will then take about 2-3 weeks for your new smile to arrive at our office. Once your new smile comes in, they will be ready for you to wear over your original teeth on an everyday basis. Our snap on smiles last anywhere from 3-5 years. With this service, any patient of ours is able to build and design their smile however they like. Because of this, the snap on smile service has continued to grow in popularity over the years. 

Interested in visiting our Stratford Dental Center but don’t know where to begin? Start off by visiting our website here to learn more about our practice. It is important to understand exactly what is offered to you before choosing Barnum Dental. Many patients will not know exactly what their teeth need, and that’s okay. We will continue to work through any problems your teeth may have. While we continue to learn and perfect our own skills, we have continually proven to be one of the most reliable dental offices in the area. Don’t hesitate to come into our office the next time your teeth are in need. Our dental experts look forward to working with you!