As dental technology advances, so does our care for our patients. This family dental clinic in Stratford CT works tirelessly to bring you the care that you need, but we wouldn’t be even close to the results we produce without our technology. Barnum Dental utilizes many different advanced pieces of technology, and the Panorex X-Ray machine is just one of them.

The Panorex X-ray machine is an amazing piece of equipment that is used to take detailed panoramic images of your mouth, teeth, jaw and other facial structures. A patient holds their hands above the machine and then stands and places their mouth close to it. The machine will then begin to produce an image of the patient’s teeth. They can view the picture in either a top down (x-rays) or a bottom up (an orthograph) form. The orthograph allows you to see all sides of the teeth at once, while the bottom up orthograph only shows part of the tooth.

The Panorex machine is used by this family dental clinic in Stratford CT to produce more accurate results for dental work. The equipment can take many different pictures of the same area with different perspectives. This allows the dentist to view how many different things are going on in the mouth at the same time and to be able to see how well the tooth is holding up as a result of the bite. This can help to make better crowns and other forms of oral care.

We use the Panorex X-ray machine to check the bite of the patient before performing any type of dental work. If the bite isn’t correct, then the patient may end up with damage to the tooth and the root as a result of improper oral hygiene. Dental work can also be done without causing damage to the teeth and the underlying bone and tissues if the teeth are properly aligned. This can prevent complications from being present later in life.

Another reason why our family dental clinic in Stratford CT uses this device is to help with dental exams. This can be very important for those who have some kind of dentistry-related disease. In fact, it can even help a person to determine whether they should have any type of dentistry performed on them. It can also help to make certain types of dental care easier, such as cleaning the mouth after dental surgery. and also helping the dentist to perform certain types of anesthesia on patients.

The Panorex X-ray Machine has many advantages over traditional x-ray technology. The pictures created by this equipment to show exactly what the patient’s teeth are and what is happening to them. The results produced by the machine are not only accurate, but they are also more detailed than traditional x-ray pictures.

Our family dental clinic in Stratford CT is very familiar with how the Panorex X-ray Machine works and how it works in conjunction with the rest of the dental office. They use the machine to help make dental care more comfortable for the patients and to provide information to them so that they can make better decisions about their own dental care.